Quebec City, Quebec

Il n'y a pas assez de mots pour décrire l'aspect et la convivialité de la ville de Québec. Cependant, je ferai de mon mieux en anglais.

Where I went to school, the grade eight class got to go on a trip to Quebec City, however they now travel to Montreal.  As I mentioned above in French, there are not enough words to explain the look and feel of Quebec City. It takes to another time. I liked it so much I convinced my parents to take me back and back they have gone a few times.


There are so many historical sites to see I cannot list them all, however Old Quebec should be on your list of must see as well as Petit Champlain and its independent shops and dining. Place Royale is a captivating sight to see as it looks like it right out of old France.


Place Royale is a captivating sight to see as it looks like it right out of old France.


The Citadelle of Quebec is a museum and active fort that has deep historical roots. There are so many churches to see from simple local, to Cathedrals and Basilicas each one more stunning than the last. The older ones forbid any flash photography to preserve the detailed artwork inside.


Speaking of original and castle like is the Château Frontenac. Originally it was one of Canada’s railway hotels and as such was designated a National Historic Site of Canada in 1980. Should you come by for a visit at the spa or stay the night you will not be disappointed.



Montmorency Falls should be on your top five things to see as it is just twelve kilometers from old Quebec City. The two hundred and seventy-five foot falls are higher than Niagara and offers you a view from the top, walking over the falls on a bridge. It’s a breathtaking experience.


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