Entering the Barcelo Bavaro Grand Resort.

Here we go...

Barcelo Bavaro Beach the adults only side of the resort.

Resort maps located along both properties.

Approaching the hotel lobby.

The main lobby.

The front desk.

The garden view from your suite.

The view of the ocean from the adults only side.

Very large pool.

Bar located outside the main lobby.

The right side of the entrance way of the lobby.

The main stairwell to the first floor.

Beautiful views of the suits.

Jacuzzi is located on the balcony.

Walking through the resort.

A side view of the main building.

Heading back to the main lobby.

Rooms available on the first, second or third floor.

Lots of fauna to see.

Lots of lounge chairs to enjoy.

Fountains outside the dining facilities.

Gift shop located on the property.

The left side of the entrance way of the lobby.

View from the main lobby.

Spacious closet and striking bathroom.

Garden view from your suite.

The view of the beach.

A view of the main building from the beach.

Cocktails overlooking the resort.

The spacious bathroom.

Rooms closest to the ocean.

Beach side dining.

Fountains outline the path to the lobby.

Complete with pool tables outside the main lobby.

The main lobby.

Dining options: Boho Dominicano

Your suite.

Suits available on the first, second, third and fourth floors.

Stunning poolside rooms available.

Wedding gazebo.

Heading to the theatre through the main lobby.

Your beautiful suite.


Beautiful accommodations.

Pool side bar.

The part of the pool closest to the main lobby.

Entering the Barcelo Bavaro Palace, the family side of the resort.

The front desk.

Lounge area within your suite.

Glorious fountains located through out the resorts.

A Bavaro Beachsign at the beach front.

Fountains in the pool.

The theatre where you would watch all the shows.