Montagne Jeunesse Clean Up Mud


"A blend of aloe vera, willow, rosemary and witch your problem areas for a clean complexion."

The first thing I notice aside from its almond colour is the distinct smell of the witch hazel. So I am pretty excited to try this mask as witch hazel is wonderful for acne.  The texture of the mask is creamy, thick and spreads quite evenly. Upon application I can feel slight tingles on my skin where I currently have some acne. 

After the allotted 15 minutes the mask has dried and become solid, very stiff and white in colour. Using the recommended circular motions and warm water, I remove the mask to reveal softer skin that has a fresh appearance. Redness from current acne was gone.

One thing I did notice was that it left my skin very dry which is saying something considering I have very oily skin. This was corrected by using an oil free moisturizer.