Shills -Natural Science- Black Mask


Since everyone has been raving about active charcoal peeling masks, I thought I would try one for myself. In my search I found that they are very hard to come by until lucky enough I found one on the Bolton Buy and Sell Facebook Page.

The Back Mask (Purifying Peel off Mask) by Shills is what I've sampled here. I've only applied it to the most acne prone areas to see if it can get deep within the pores to unclog them. 

Considering I had very high expectations for this mask, I have to tell you I was not impressed. It works the same as every other peel-able mask and just as well as a nose strip on the nose. My pores were not 100% clean and I did not feel or see a huge difference in my skins appearance. 

Personally I have decided to stick to the Bore Nose Strips.