Jergens Natural Glow


Most of us who have used self tanner know that they usually make us orange or streaky. Especially on your hands if you do not wash them with soap immediately after application. 

I rarely used self tanner because I was cautious about becoming an Oompa Loompa. However I was eager to try Jergens Natural Glow mostly because Leslie Mann was the spokes person for them and I think she is wonderful. Now I know that is a silly reason to try anything because celebrities are paid to indorse products but something about when they compared the skin tones cought my attention. So off I went to my Walmart to buy the product. 

They have two levels available, Fair to Medium and Medium to Tan. This was a predicament for me as I normally have very fair skin however I was used to using medium tanner so I was not sure if the Fair to Medium would be effective enough to show a difference in a short amount of time ergo less applications. So I bought both and did a test patch for each. 

In the picture you can see my arm before, during and after application. When you apply self tanner, they usually tell you to rub it in evenly or you may have streaks. With Jergens, I just rubbed it on like a normal lotion and the result is a smooth even application. Every time. Further, as you can see in the picture, there is not a very noticeable difference between the two shades. Both test spots were with one application and results appeared fairly quickly. (Applied at 12am, woke up at 10am) 

Since after application I did not see a difference, it is with fading that I made a decision. Since I shower daily, the self tanner fades, but the Fair to Medium still looks like a real tan five days later, while the Medium to Tan has a very slight orangey tinge to it. Therefore my recommendation is as follows: if you have an event or function to attend and need a quick tan, I suggest two days before an application once daily of Medium to Tan should be enough to ensure you do not look like Casper. If you have time before your event, about five days or more I would suggest using the Fair to Medium applied once daily as it will build. Please remember that this is based on my very fair complexion. I also do not recommend application of tanner to your face as fading will cause discolouration. Use a bronzer instead.