Baby Soft Foot Peel by boscia

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Depending on how often you go for a pedicure, you can spend over $100 a month. I saw this product and thought well, if I do this once a month that might eliminate the need to go so often. I tried and and I have to tell you I was very impressed.

You start of by soaking your feet inside the booties for about 30 - 40 minutes. You then rise your feet with warm water and pat dry. They say you should notice the peeling starting around day 4 which is true but it did not really show until day 6 and then it looked like something out of a horror story. I strongly suggest what the directions say and wear socks!

After it was done peeling, around day 12-14, I rinsed my feet and then was able to feel the softness. It stayed soft for about 4 days afterwards but I constantly walk around bare foot. I would definitely use this product again.