Transforming Liquid Foil Mask by Labotica


I am always weary about peel off masks as mentioned in my other posts. Usually they do not do half of what they advertise.

This mask, however, was a bit different. It went on in a nice thick coating of silvery goodness and it had a pleasant smell. I covered most of my face, carefully not to get too much near the hairline as no one wants unnecessary ouches . The directions say to leave it on a cleansed face for 15-20 and there was no false advertising there. Other masks I have had to leave on a lot longer but this one dried pretty quickly. As it dried I was able to feel the mask tighten up on my face.

The directions say to start peeling from the bottom up, so when the time came, thats what I did. I found it peeled off very easily and I was able to see a nice shimmer to my face after I gave it a warm rinse. As peel off Masks go, this is one of the good ones.