King Arthur: Legend of the Sword


Guy Ritchie's adaptation of King Arthur: Legend of the Sword is new take on the classic story providing the viewer with a more in depth view on how Excalibur came to be and its history with the Pendragon family. 

While Arthurian legend has stated Mordred and Arthur's fates are tied together ultimately resulting in their demise, the main enemy in this story is Arthur's uncle Vortigern, who was jelous of Uther and his ability to use Excalibur. He makes a deal with a Syren in exchange for the power to defeat Uther and use the sword for himself.

Vortigern kills Arthur's mother and begins his one on one assault on Uther all while little Arthur watches. Uther, having been defeated, throws the sword into the air and it lands in Uther's back causing him to slowly turn to stone, sealing Excalibur within.

Arthur escapes and is found by ladies of the local brothel where he is raised. His many hardships are valued life lessons met with life long friends. He has become a figure amongst the peasants of the village as well as the guards and cares for ladies and others who dwell within the brothel as they had taken care of him. While he seems to have found a place in this life, he is plagued by the nightmares of the demon who killed his mother and father.

When Arthur unknowingly assaults guests under the King Vortigern's protection, he tries to flee but ends up captured. Sent to Camelot with the other young men his age to find "the born king", he watches amongst the group while one by one men try and fail to remove a sword from stone. Thinking this is nothing but a fools errand, he cuts to the front of the line knowing that once he fails they will send him on his way. Only he does not fail and the born king has come again. 

Excalibur, freed from the stone ignites those loyal to the true King of Camelot to rescue Arthur from execution by King Vortigern.

As the weight of Excalibur lays heavy on Arthur, he refuses the responsibility nor does he have a desire to be King. Talks amongst his friends and supporters convince him to participate in bringing King Vortigern's reign to an end. However when an assignation attempt goes wrong, a loss causes Arthur to expel excalibur.

During his inner turmoil about this loss, his uncle and the nightmare of his parents, the Lady of the Lake convinces him to pursue his uncle and bring peace to Camelot. It is during this time that two of the supporters are taken by King Vortigern's army.

Giving into King Vortigern and surrendering himself and Excalibur to save the two hostages, Author begins his assault on the castle.

The end result is pleasing and leaves it open for a sequel. 

Now it would be easy for any Arthurian fan to pick at the changes within the movie but keep in mind that this adaptation is not about King Arthur or his love triangle or his many enemies. It is about Excalibur and how it helped Arthur come to terms with the King he needed to be to save his kingdom from tyranny.