Toronto Red Carpet: King Arthur Legend of the Sword Screening

Aside from seeing an advanced screening of a movie in my early 20's this was my first Red Carpet movie experience. 

Thanks to Warner Brothers Canada for releasing a batch of 30 tickets, I was fortunate to select one, and on May 2 I made my way down to Scotiabank Theatre on Richmond Street.

When I arrived, there was a line outside and a line inside. I approached the girl at the ticket counter and asked her where I was supposed to go, to which she replied she was not sure and to ask upstairs. 

At the top of the stairs, I could see the crew setting up the red carpet area as well as other avanced screening ticket holders looking for direction. I went to the customer service counter and the girl there told me that the line up was downstairs, inside. So back down I went and proceeded to stand inline. At 7pm some of the employees from Warner Bros. Canada finally made their way to the table and told us to form a single file line. We then swapped our guaranteed ticket for an actual screening ticket.

After I received my screening ticket I then proceeded back upstairs where I noticed security had set up ropes to section off the "fan" part of the red carpet. I approached them and asked how I would get into that area. They told me I needed a yellow wristband and said the Warner Bros. employees were handing them out downstairs. Back down I went to speak with the Warner Bros. staff. They told me they did not have any, but if I waited in the line outside I might be able to get one there. It also did not matter if you were going to see the screening, you still had to line up for a possibility of a wristband.

So as you guessed it I went outside to the line that was about 50 people long. I waited outside for 45minutes, during which time two blocks of ten wristbands were released. Then came the announcement that there were no more wristbands left. To which I do not understand how you can wait inline for a wristband for a movie you were not seeing, because that's what they were doing. Yes, you might get to see someone from the movie and get an autograph or picture, but I had thought the red carpet was for fans going to see the current movie. How wrong I was. 

I did go back inside and upstairs to where I saw the same security guy who told me about the wristbands. I thanked him and told him I was not lucky enough to get one. He said, that if I stood across from the entrance to the red carpet I might get to see everything. He led me to where I stood for the next 75minutes. My standing area was eventually roped off and I was at the front and could see everything.

This is when I happen to see the Warner Bros. staff member who was giving out yellow wristbands walk by with a group of purple wristbands. I shouted at her, "Really? I thought you said you did not have any more or I would have stayed in line." She shrugged, gave me a whatever face and led the purple wristbands to the inner corner of the red carpet were they would meet Guy and Charlie on camera for the press. 

Guy Ritchie came out first and quickly went to work signing autographs and taking pictures with the fans inline beside the red carpet. He managed to do a complete lap then went in to speak to the press on the red carpet. 

Charlie Hunnam came out about 20minutes after, met 1/3 of the fans on the one side and addressed the rest of us stating that he will be back to see all of us after and proceeded to the red carpet to speak with the press. 

Guy had made his way to the photographers to which Charlie stopped his interviews and went to take pictures with him. Charlie then went to finish the interviews while Guy went to the fans on the inside of the red carpet to sign autographs and take pictures for the press. He then exited the red carpet, completing one more lap with the fans before disappearing. 

At about 9pm Charlie was wrapping up autographs and photos with the fans on the inner corner of the red carpet. He then proceeded to meet the other 2/3 of the fans waiting to see him. The press left their spots on the carpet to catch pictures of Charlie interacting with the fans.  I was fortunate enough to be one of them.

After my photo, and after being accidentally struck in the head by a camera from the press, I continued to the theatre to watch the screening. Before I entered security was there and scanned for weapons and checked my bag for recording devices. They then told me to make sure my phone was off and let me inside. 

The movie was supposed to start at 9pm but they were running about 20minutes late. Guy and Charlie came out to introduce the movie and then left. My review of the movie can be found HERE

After the movie was question and answer with Guy and Charlie for about 20minutes and then I left to go home. 

Over all I think there should have been more direction and information provided by the Warner Bros. Canada staff. That being said, given the chance, I would attend another red carpet premier.