Professional Endeavours Overview

Professional ~ Courteous ~ Organized



Having completed the Level One program at the Toronto Academy of Acting for Film and Television in 2009, I have been in quite a few background rolls and have auditioned for a few commercials. I look forward to new opportunities. 



I have been a bartender for over 13 years having worked within the restaurant industry, the club scene, banquet halls and private events. I am Smart Serve and Bartender Certified as well as professional, courteous and efficient.

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I entered the Brand Ambassador world in 2012 and have been within the industry since. I have worked over 50 different activations all over Ontario ranging from sampling to data collection to opening of new stores to promoting holiday cheer. I have over 16 years of customer service experience and am a dedicated hard worker. 



Planning events came as an unexpected delight for me as I was asked to plan a wedding 6 years ago. Now I look forward to planning everything from birthdays to weddings, trade shows to private events. I am thorough and organized and will make sure your day/event is the best it can be. 



You would not think gift wrapping would be a skill, but you would be wrong. The perfectly wrapped gift can make all the difference. Let me help your company spread love and cheer throughout all the seasons. 

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I have been asked to do all sorts of work from family events like Dreamworks Dragons to promoting the new active wear for Skii Doo. I even helped with a few Target grand openings as well as a new ice cream bar.



It may seem like I am new to the travel Industry, which I am, however I have an extensive background in Hospitality and have been a traveler since I was born. While travelling is my passion, my goal is to help make other people’s travel dreams come true. I aim to achieve the highest standards in customer service and I will strive to find the perfect vacation that suits your every need and desire.

Everyone should be able to go and experience something new, whether it is a new food, culture or place. I am the gatekeeper and you are the keymaster. The only limitation is you. Let me help you find the vacation you are looking for.